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China’s Anti-Christ Government

For the signs of the times…..

The definition of ‘Anti-Christ’ is being against Christ or/and trying to replace Christ. The Chinese government is indeed an Anti-Christ government in the full definition of this term.

There are reports from reputable Christian sources that they have attempted to re-write parts of the bible and replaced it with communist ideology praising their president Xi Jinping. They allow Christian churches only if they install cctv surveillance for the government to monitor sermons. Last year they persecuted Christians and bulldozed several churches to the ground. They the Chinese government operate totalitarianism which breaches the God given right of free will. They operate a social points system to control their citizens whereby education and even travel is restricted to those who oppose the government. They monitor the movements of every citizen and employ hundreds of thousands of government officials to locally monitor activities and report to government if any breaches occur.

On a global scale, the Chinese government strategise for the long-term buying whole industries in other nations even when they are at a loss. They have bought ports in African nations despite being and continue being loss making businesses ventures. But why? Some say this is China’s strategy to gain foot holds into country’s economies to apply pressure to control them in the long-term. The Australian government have recently tried to legislate against the Chinese government bailing out Australian industry who are going bust due to the Corona virus. There are many allegations that industrial espionage is rife on a global scale and directed from the Chinese government themselves.

I must stress that this is not about having a critical view regarding Chinese people who some are our brothers and sisters in Christ but against a very controlling and Anti-Christ government. Currently, the Chinese government has closed its borders to foreigners and have reported that an economic recovery is taking place. Indeed, Beijing which is the financial center of Chinese finance has reportedly suffered very little with the effects of the Corona virus despite it having a large population. This is in direct contrast to mostly the rest of the worlds’ financial centers. Either something very strange has happened whereby C-19 has somehow missed Beijing or the Chinese government have lied.

In the meantime, the world markets have plummeted. The Dow Jones Index has had around a third of its value wiped off from its highs last year whilst the UK and European markets have suffered similar. It’s very likely that we will see further damage to the markets before the US reaches peak. The question for me is not about recession but whether or not there will be a depression in the longer-term and where the geo-political power will shift to. Whether the Covid-19 virus has been genetically manufactured and then purposely released into the public domain or supposedly transmitted from bats, the fact remains that China is now profiteering and gaining the upper hand on a global economic scale and ultimately their power and influence.

This event has affected the world in a way like never before. Such tectonic shifts are not random nor by chance but allowed by the sovereignty of our Father. We are called to be sharp with the events of this world but above all judge them spiritually.

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

For the signs of the times, God in His sovereignty is allowing our Adversary Lucifer to move the furniture around in preparation for the time ahead…

It is not apparent yet what the next stage will be but we all need to be watching as the world goes from….’corruption to corruption’. Burying your head in the sand or following the world like sheep rather than being sharp with the Word is no excuse.

One day soon the Beast Kingdom will arise. This is the final empire which will be the most wicked of all empires incorporating The Lie at its very heart. The Prophetic Word reveals its traits. At the very least, on a worldly level, it will be a magnification of the horrors of ISIS coupled with the totalitarianism of China and much more. This Empire is designed to host both Lucifer, The Antichrist and the False Prophet who will bring THE LIE into full manifestation using both physical and ideological cohersion. Daniel the Prophet who saw this Empire in a vision was greatly troubled with the horror of it. But we as Chistians have Christ in us! We must prepare our minds and hearts and have oil in our lamps. We must not be ignorant of the Prophetic Word else we will fall away back to the world in that time. In that time, we must be bold as lions declaring with power the name of our Lord Jesus Christs even unto death.

But in the meantime let’s fill our lamps with oil, untroubled and remain watching….

Glory to our God Jah and His son Jesus Christ Yoshua. Remember the words of our Lord even when the world in the future is troubled ready to war against each other…

Matthew 24:6
And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

James Atkinson

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