The Middle East

Is the Sweeping Political Reform in the Middle East a Pre-Requisite for the Coming of the Antichrist?

The Word tells us that one day Israel will be trodden under foot by Islamic nations but many of these nations today have many factions and schisms. For example, we have seen in Iraq how Shiites and Sunnis have conflicted with each other even to the point of bloodshed and how the relationship between Hamas and Fatah has presented a weak and divided Palestinian front, in the face of Israel and to the rest of the world.

To understand the Middle East situation today as just Islam versus Israel would be an over simplified view. We must see it as this but also with many other minor conflicts between various groups and even nations. Democracy may indeed be the key to unifying a common purposes in the Islamic Middle East to bring about a unified crusade against Israel in the years to come.

Presently, the support for Islamic nations to become democracies from the West is further supporting the underlying polarisation of Israel on the world stage. The wave of sweeping political reform may indeed be a pre-requiste for Ezekiel 38 with Russia in alliance with these nations fulfilling the prophecy of Gog and Magog. These things must come to pass but one truth will always remain which is that our God in His sovereignty will always be on His throne and will conclude all things according to His will.

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