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The World is Clearly Divided Regarding Bashar al-Assad

The Middle East has often been a hot bed of intricate political chaos but Bashar al-Assad and his regime continue to clearly divide the world into two camps. The support for Bashar al-Assad is quite unprecedented. The great nuclear super powers of Russia and China out rightly support him. They have continued to veto taking military action against him at the UN. In the last few days Putin has used the G20 to publicly strengthen his stance against President Barack Obama’s intention to deploy a military strike against the Syrian government. Obama and several other world leaders have accused Assad of using chemical weapons against his own people.

Interestingly, Israel has kept silent in the midst of all this debate but some of those supporting Assad have spoken about attacking Israel if Syria is attacked. Furthermore, the divide between the world’s superpowers regarding Syria, as well as the existing tensions in the Middle East, will likely escalate the entire situation to where the world has never been before. However, many questions have yet to be answered.

For us, God does not declare in His Word the dates of when prophecy will be fulfilled, but we do know bible prophecy is Middle-East and Israel centric. Before the final 7 years occur the world stage will need to have been prepared. This stage is now being set before our eyes. As God’s children we are instructed to watch and be aware regarding what’s happening around us. So let’s watch!!

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Below is a link, from Al Jazeera. This is an interactive map illustrating the political and military positions for and against military intervention in Syria. Click on the picture to open up the interactive map in another page…


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Have you read this report James? And are you aware that U.S. military were probably involved in staging a chemical attack on civilians in Syria?

Hi Eddie,

Hope you and your family are well!

Yes, I have seen these reports from around the internet but I’ve also read the American, the Russian and of course Assad’s own version of the ‘truth’ of who carried out the chemical attacks and why? Indeed, the whole
situation is steeped in lies on a grand scale and it would be very dangerous for us as believers of His Truth to be beguiled by such things.The reality is, unless God has given us direct revelation concerning this matter, we simply don’t know who is responsible and why they did it.

Above the lies, the theories and the political rang lings of this world is a higher way of understanding as Isaiah 58:8&9 declares:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

This understanding is available for only those who belong to God and those who choose to believe His Word. For us, bible prophecy is Middle-East and Israel centric and before the final 7 years occur the world stage will need to have been prepared. Equipped with His Word and this understanding, we should watch and be aware regarding what’s happening around us and particularly the Middle-East. So let’s watch and see what unfolds here and keeping an eye on this particular Assyrian!


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