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The Seat of Satan (an extract from “Thy Kingdom Come”, a new book from Mark Atkinson)

Satan’s Seat

The Bible tells us that in the future, after being cast out of heaven, the Devil will take up his seat of government in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern nations are antichrist in their values and even today are being prepared by Satan to become his seat of government on earth in the End Times. It is sufficient for the moment to simply hear the Lord’s word on this in the Book of Revelation:

“And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write ….
… where thou dwellest, even where Satan seat is ….. where Satan dwelleth” (Revelation 2:12-13)

If you read these verses carefully, you will notice that the Lord is not saying that seat of Satan is in Pergamos in a restricted sense, but rather Pergamos is in the area of where Satan’s seat will be established. The Lord says that the believers in Pergamos dwell in the area where Satan will dwell and have his seat of government. This area is in the Middle East. Pergamos is in Turkey, which in future will form part of the Beast Kingdom, a conglomerate of Middle Eastern nations. Satan will dwell wherever his seat of government is established. In the future, after he is cast out of heaven, Pergamos will be in that area on the earth where he will have his stronghold and from where he will continue his work.

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Hi Guys! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that you are way off the scent here in pointing out ancient Pergamos as the future (or present) seat of Satan. The messages to the churches are spiritual in my opinion and members of each type of church can be found anywhere on Earth. Pergamos therefore is where the worst kind of devil/Lucifer worship goes on and that can be clearly found in the Vatican, within City of London Corporation area and of course in the U.S (California and District of Columbia). Apart from these main controlling areas you have South America and Africa – but the important thing to take into account here is that ancient Pergamos at the time of John’s writing, was under the control of the Roman Empire and was one of the main political centres.

Looking at planet Earth today, what do we have? The Empire of the Cities – City of London – Vatican City – District of Columbia… all controlled by the international banking cabal who run NASA, the Fed, the Pentagon, the World Bank, the BIS, the UN, world Communism, the world’s intelligence agencies, lawyers, judges, the secret occult societies like the Freemasons and the Jesuits, the Rosicrucians, the Templars etc, ad infinitum. The actual alter of Zeus (many believe this to have been the physical seat of Satan) which was at Pergamos was removed from it’s site and rebuilt in Germany. The UN has a statue of Zeus proudly displayed in their building and you can see him blazoned on the face of the entrance of the Rockefeller Center as well which should tell you something!

City of London is in no way to be done out of some fame and fortune here in its adoration for foreign gods. Check out the display of honoured foreign gods covered with gold leaf on the queens gold stagecoach or the infamous Gog Magog statues displayed in the Guildhall, City of London Corp., or the fierce dragon statue that guards the entrance to this inner city. I would say my friends and brothers – broaden your horizons when dealing with the prophetic books of the Bible. Love you guys!

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