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The World Economy and the Emergence of the Antichrist

I have been meaning to write about this subject for a long time now. One of the many characteristics that the Anti-Christ will demontrate will be his ability to succeed in business. He will be highly successful in the business world and be seen as an economic genius.

On the news today, like many times before, the world markets have taken a dramatic fall. Economic woes exist in every corner of the world. America is heavily in debt to the tune of 13.6 trillion dollars and the Eurozone is in state of suspended economic growth and on the verge of collapse. Even Germany, which is seen as the powerhouse of the Eurozone, has recently experienced a GDP growth of just 0.2%. Such a dire situation has lead to some chief economists stating that there is little hope of a recovery. Bemused, I also read the other day that Apple the company has more money in the bank than the whole of the American economy! America is not the nation of strength is used to be. We are told in the Word, that our Father builds and tears down nations and empires according to His purposes for the time.

Whether or not we recover out of this woeful economic time remains to be seen but there is one thing we can be sure about. One of the many ways that the Anti-Christ emerges onto the world scene is through his reputation as an economic genius. He will be seen by many to have the answers to all the problems of the world’s economic woes. He will emerge at a time when the world will be experiencing great economic instability. Many countries and their inhabitants will put their trust in this man. Are we now at the beginning of this time?

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