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China’s Anti-Christ Government

For the signs of the times….. The definition of ‘Anti-Christ’ is being against Christ or/and trying to replace Christ. The Chinese government is indeed an Anti-Christ government in the full definition of this term. There are reports from reputable Christian sources that they have attempted to re-write parts of the bible and replaced it with […]

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Syrian Christians Sign a Treaty of Submission to Islam

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A community in northern city of Raqqa chooses ‘dhimmitude’ over conversion or death… Read the article… Click here

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The Seat of Satan (an extract from “Thy Kingdom Come”, a new book from Mark Atkinson)

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Satan’s Seat The Bible tells us that in the future, after being cast out of heaven, the Devil will take up his seat of government in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern nations are antichrist in their values and even today are being prepared by Satan to become his seat of government on earth in […]

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Happy to spit in the face of God

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As we draw closer to the final seven years before the Lord returns, we can expect many more changes in laws, culture and thinking that are increasingly anti God. In the last decades we have witnessed major shifts away from the traditional Christian values that were previously the bedrock and very fabric of our societies […]

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The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – False Teachers in the Church

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The presence of false teachers in the Church is no new thing. The Bible shows us that they were in abundance in the first century church. The Apostle Paul said that after his death, grievous wolves would come in not sparing the flock. The imagery of a wolf tearing apart the sheep is a very […]

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Middle East News Feed

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Welcome to our Middle East News Feed. The contents of this feed are provided for your own perusal and analysis in order to keep watch on developments in Middle East affairs. The regular updates are from several different sources, which are neither affiliated to nor endorsed by The feeds are provided for your information […]

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