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The World is Clearly Divided Regarding Bashar al-Assad

The Middle East has often been a hot bed of intricate political chaos but Bashar al-Assad and his regime continue to clearly divide the world into two camps. The support for Bashar al-Assad is quite unprecedented. The great nuclear super powers of Russia and China out rightly support him. They have continued to veto taking […]

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Christian Persecution in the World today 2013

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The Re-Building of the Temple – A Jewish Perspective..

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Watched this today.. Very thought provoking… NOTE: This video was not made by our website.   (Click here for the main Blog page or here for the Book of

Is the Sweeping Political Reform in the Middle East a Pre-Requisite for the Coming of the Antichrist?

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The Word tells us that one day Israel will be trodden under foot by Islamic nations but many of these nations today have many factions and schisms. For example, we have seen in Iraq how Shiites and Sunnis have conflicted with each other even to the point of bloodshed and how the relationship between Hamas […]

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