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China’s Anti-Christ Government

For the signs of the times….. The definition of ‘Anti-Christ’ is being against Christ or/and trying to replace Christ. The Chinese government is indeed an Anti-Christ government in the full definition of this term. There are reports from reputable Christian sources that they have attempted to re-write parts of the bible and replaced it with […]

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The World is Clearly Divided Regarding Bashar al-Assad

The Middle East has often been a hot bed of intricate political chaos but Bashar al-Assad and his regime continue to clearly divide the world into two camps. The support for Bashar al-Assad is quite unprecedented. The great nuclear super powers of Russia and China out rightly support him. They have continued to veto taking […]

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Announcing Our New Middle East News Feed

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Announcing our new Middle East News Feed. Keep up to date on developments from the Middle East. We have regular updates on news from several different sources from around the globe. Click here & bookmark this link

The Dread of the Lord and Calling All Elders!

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (No Respond)

My brothers in the Lord, He is coming back sooner than most realise. Let us prepare the Body of Christ for his return. He wants us ready and He wants us to know and be wise. He wants us perfect in His love, to be found faithful to all of His Word in that day. […]

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The Seat of Satan (an extract from “Thy Kingdom Come”, a new book from Mark Atkinson)

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Satan’s Seat The Bible tells us that in the future, after being cast out of heaven, the Devil will take up his seat of government in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern nations are antichrist in their values and even today are being prepared by Satan to become his seat of government on earth in […]

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Underground Bunkers

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (No Respond)

It’s no secret that the leaders in many countries have built underground bunkers to be used in the event of a major catastrophe or war. But will they be able to use them to hide from the face of JAH and the wrath of the Lamb? In the day to come, they will indeed try: […]

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Happy to spit in the face of God

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (2 Responds)

As we draw closer to the final seven years before the Lord returns, we can expect many more changes in laws, culture and thinking that are increasingly anti God. In the last decades we have witnessed major shifts away from the traditional Christian values that were previously the bedrock and very fabric of our societies […]

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The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – False Teachers in the Church

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (No Respond)

The presence of false teachers in the Church is no new thing. The Bible shows us that they were in abundance in the first century church. The Apostle Paul said that after his death, grievous wolves would come in not sparing the flock. The imagery of a wolf tearing apart the sheep is a very […]

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Absurd reasons not to read the Book of Revelation

Posted by Mark Atkinson under Mark Atkinson, The Book of (2 Responds)

Here are ten outrageous reasons spoken by so-called faithful Christians as to why NOT to read the Book of Revelation. It would be interesting to see what others have heard also. Here goes: 1. It’s a bunch of garbage! 2. I don’t want to read about monsters! 3. It’s not written to the Church! 4. […]

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Christian Persecution in the World today 2013

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The World on the edge of the Spiritual Fiscal Cliff

Posted by James Atkinson under The Book of (No Respond)

As we get closer to the final seven years, the persecution of the saints will increase as our adversary Lucifer prepares the ground for the rise of the Man of Perdition, the Antichrist. Here are some links and articles I found on the web today about the plight of our brothers and sisters presently around […]

Christian Martyrs: Be prepared to CRY!

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The JESUS Film Project

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The JESUS Film Project – The most accurate portrayal of Jesus Christ’s life on earth in a film…I love this!!!   TO WATCH CLICK HERE           Many thanks to The JESUS Film Project who made this film available to us. You can see this film in many more languages by visiting […]

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The World is Not Going to End in 2012

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (3 Responds)

According to Jah, the true God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the world is not going to end in 2012. There have been films, documentaries, articles, books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and many communications promoting the 2012 idea of the end. But have you stopped to consider what is behind the 2012 furore? […]

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Is Mankind Really the Master of its Own Destiny?

For a longtime now many in the Western world have believed that they are the masters of their own destiny. Even Gordon Brown, the ex-prime minister to the UK, once declared that the boom and bust years were over – just how wrong he was and maybe he should have heeded to the prophetic Word […]

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The World Economy and the Emergence of the Antichrist

Posted by James Atkinson under The Book of (6 Responds)

I have been meaning to write about this subject for a long time now. One of the many characteristics that the Anti-Christ will demontrate will be his ability to succeed in business. He will be highly successful in the business world and be seen as an economic genius. On the news today, like many times […]

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Has the Church Already Departed From the Faith?

Posted by Mark Atkinson under The Book of (1 Respond)

The true faith is the gospel of the Great Mystery that was given to Paul. In Romans 16:25-26, we read about the obedience of faith which comes after living and walking in the truths of the Great Mystery that was given to the Apostle Paul for this Church Age – the true faith. In 1 […]

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Welcome in the Name of Jesus Christ (Sticky)

Posted by James Atkinson under The Book of (No Respond)

  Welcome to our blogs….. Please feel free to get involved with the discussions on the blogs but click on the read more tab before doing so. The purpose of these blogs is to discuss and understand the signs of the times and the spirit of this age. We are called to know these things […]